Still lazy after all these years.

My wife seems to think it's dumb to keep using this as my homepage since I don't ever intend to update it. But I really just created it to play with the built-in comment feature (a friend had asked me to fix his; I never did, and I'm guessing he's a little too busy to worry about it). Using it as my webpage in comments at other people's blogs was just an afterthought. (Note: that TypeKey solution is annoying. I'd have commented on the M. Tiny post, but I don't have access to an email account with which to sign up. Damn you, Bob.)

Who else wants a link?

My son is coming along nicely. I'm proud of his favorite lullaby.

Politics is a popular topic these days. I find it boring to talk about, mostly, because no one ever seems to change their mind. But I love reading about it.

Lots of people write about television. As a matter of fact, that's how I discovered my current internet crush. TiVo rules, even when it consistently screws up recording the only show I really found interesting this season. But then it turns out another show is also excellent, so I don't have to settle for reruns from my childhood.


Why don't I have my own Blog?

Everyone else does.

Probably because I am too lazy.